"I can only give you my sincere gratitude and God’s Blessings upon you for alarming us as your students in time with the well-thought calls you are making when you are alerting us to a possible call position to be taken in the market. Because you are a specialist in this game I am not scared to “bet the farm” so to speak hence I have had excellent results in the last couple of weeks with the calls you have made to the tune of well over a hundred thousand dollars! I am not advocating this Is the way to trade because it is not! AMZN today was the biggest trade yet in my life WOW!!!………….$63000 in 10 minutes.This was a great feeling I must say. That came with the help of the way you teach how to trade in the room. I set up the trade with 50 calls at $14.50. Was filled between 09h30.06 – 09h33.07 (2 seconds) on a price of $16.20 on 24 contracts   I was filled on the balance of 26 contracts at my price $14.50 as price came down. I exited the trade at 09h33.59 and the calls were at $28. I went back into the second trade at 10h01.30 and is up another $10000 as I am writing  ..was filled with 20 contracts at $16.35.  (10h45 EST) GIRL YOU Rock man…. why, I think because you share, may I say with care,concern that your students will, must succeed………….yes, on the other hand, it cost a student money but big or small account it is all relative. At the end of the year with the correct management, it must grow tremendously, beyond each one’s expectation, certainly beyond mine? Thank you for your wisdom and “fulfilling part” of your destiny by steering, teaching, and blessing us all with determination and care. Looking forward to a prosperous and long rewarding future together with you. Thank you once again ~LP

"Just closed out the NFLX option call at 11:55am EST.  Traded 6 contracts, profit 7,620.00.  Thank you Melissa!!" ~Rachel

"Melissa's room is awesome! Wish I would have found it sooner. So far I took 14 profitable trades and only 2 losing trades the losing trades were small loses a good bit smaller than the average winner. Actually, in the very first few days in the room, I made enough money to cover the cost of the golden gap course. She is very focused on her methodology that’s what makes her good. She also cares about her members and wants them to thrive and do well." –JJ

"Yes, the Golden Gap course truly is priceless! I wanted to let you know that today was my personal target goal to resign my position at work and become a full-time trader. BKS made that decision even sweeter and easier. Within 6 months of meeting you and a little under 3 months of taking the course, I am 1000% confident in the strategy and my ability to continually learn and succeed. Thank you so much for your benevolence and willingness to share your gift with others. My family and I are forever grateful. Feel free to send all skeptics my way. I am living proof that it is possible. Best Regards", -George

"My call sign is Cruiser and I flew high-performance fighter aircraft for my military career. Now that I am retired from the military, I am a full-time wealth manager focusing exclusively on long term wealth building for private clients. While I believe long term investing is the key to true wealth, I was actively seeking a trading strategy to produce disposable income now. That's when I met Melissa and was introduced to her Golden Gap strategy. We all know that individual stocks take the escalator up and the elevator down. And Melissa will mentor you on how to enter and exit each trade properly to profit from this move. I trade for about two hours each morning and I paid for the class on week one and paid for the room subscription on week two. Melissa will debrief you on each trade to capture what you do right and help learn from your mistakes. I did this daily for young fighter pilots to help them hone their tactics and combat skills. Melissa will do this for you to become a great trader. She does this so well that I am convinced that she should have been a fighter pilot. I would have loved to focus her precise tactical decision-making on killing the enemy…
Happy hunting!" -Cruiser

"Invest in yourself. I have just recently completed Melissa's Golden Gap class and have already made back the cost of the class. I have tried other chat rooms and was looking for a strategy that I really believed in. Melissa uses her 26 point rating system to hone in on a few stocks every day to monitor. If the stock sets up after the market opens, we take it. Otherwise, we pass on it and look for something else. This really helps in avoiding overtrading that so many new traders fall prey to. The best thing about the class is that it gives you the confidence in every trade you make. No more hoping and praying that the trade goes your way. More often than not it goes according to plan. And when it doesn't, I've learned to manage my risk and size myself right so my losses are manageable. I know there are people who think the class is too expensive and don't want to take the chance. Watch her videos on Youtube and take a trial of the room. If her style of trading "speaks" to you, I highly recommend you invest in yourself and take the class. If your willing to put in the work, you will be rewarded!" -Swooshtastic

"Melissa has a true gift on calling the market and equity plays. She has a way of keeping you so focused in her trading room. Not only is she awesome but her personality is addicting as well. How she is able to pull both off at once calling trades is remarkable! I have been looking for a Mentor for a long time to hold my hand in the beginning and educate me on the market and how it truly operates. I can say with all my conviction that Melissa will be a part of my trading career for a very long time as I learn and earn from her years of experience on calling the market correctly and her, of course, her amazing trading calls. I am proud to be a part of the Swoosh family of traders!" -Steven Kupecz

"The Stock Swoosh provides a well-engineered strategy to trading power contained within gaps. What Melissa has taught me is definitely worth more than the cost of the class, I regard myself extremely lucky to of been guided into her path. The Gap class is only a small part of the education provided by her, she provides classes that deal with all aspects of trading starting with the Gap class. The systematic and methodical approach she applies to all the classes that she teaches plays an important part in the picture of trading. I have been trading with her in the live trading room for eight months now and cannot emphasize enough how impressive her skills at trading and teaching are. Her understanding of the emotional roller-coaster which comes with this business is second to none. Taking trades that she calls in the room is to me an essential part of being an apprentice in her trading world. She continuously proves herself every day calling trades in the room with confidence, conviction, and determination, which is highly admirable." -Philip

"About a year ago, I was facing tough economic times that hit me by surprise. Different things occurred such as losing my job which put me in a constant battle to find the necessary means to support family. At the time, I had only known Melissa for about three months and I was in the process of learning her 26-point strategy which I found by searching YouTube videos on the stock market. Unfortunately, due to the unstable period I was facing, I decided to close the trading account and my goal of learning how to trade the market professionally was postponed. My priority was to find the right balance in life that would allow me to come back. I faced the following months with a positive attitude. Although it wasn’t easy to deal with uncertainty, the following months became interesting as I learned different trades such as working with horses. I never worked with horses in my entire life and I was lucky to find an experienced person who not only introduced me to this beautiful world but also taught me how to bring cash home by training horses. Later on, I acquired a job at a community college and I noticed how things changed in general and I believe it was due greatly to the right attitude I had. By the end of 2014, I was able to come back to the Stock Swoosh and learned everything from scratch. Before the year that started bad was over, I received positive news in regards to a disability claim I filed about two years ago through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The series of events unfolded in such a way that today I am trading in a better state of mind. Having the right balance and the right energy is key to everything which by the way it’s something Melissa emphasizes a lot in every lesson she gives. Melissa is not just a great teacher or an outstanding day-trader who trades the stock market with the accuracy of a sniper, but she is also a great human being who has a genuine concern for everyone to learn. She really wants everyone in the Stock Swoosh room to make it. Although I haven’t met her in person, she has earned my trust because of how transparent she is. I am honored to have met her, and I feel blessed to have her as a mentor now. Her strategy teaches everything you are going to need in order to trade the stock market at a professional level, and I am confident I will find success as a day-trader!" –JaguarPaw

“Thank you for the education I learned during my first month of live trading. I went 10 for 12. I took limited risk on those trades just because I was new. I know every month moving forward I will take more risk on my positions. I do know for a fact that I will not hold anything past 11am. I am just not that kind of trader, don't want to sit around all day and look at a chart.
Looking forward to June even though it will be a bullish month.
Once again, I can't thank you enough for coming into my life!
Have a great weekend!"-Steven

“I had an amazing week in the trading room with you… I cannot tell you how much your lessons have helped me.“– Braulio

"Melissa, I wanted to send an email to thank you for my best day as a trader. As I write this, I'm up over 3k on your incredible call of the day, and am still holding a small position. You've said in your videos that some people were meant to find you and I truly believe that to be the case for me. I've traded off and on for the past few years and have recently had the opportunity to dedicate more time to becoming a day trader. The past year has been very inconsistent, to say the least, and there were many days where I was very discouraged and wondered if I should continue. I tried different chat rooms and different strategies. Nothing seemed to fit with my personality, temperament, etc... Then I came across your videos on Youtube. Your passion and conviction made an impression immediately and I decided to invest in myself after a trial in your trading room. In the past week and a half since taking your Golden Gap class, I've already made back the money that I paid for the class. However, beyond the money I've made, I'm truly grateful because I can see myself becoming the trader I've always wanted to be. I have confidence in every trade I make. Even if the trade goes against me, I know that I did everything right because I had a plan and believe in the strategy you've taught me. And I know that there will always be another trade to make up for it. I look forward to learning more and growing as a trader. Thank you so much! See you in the room tomorrow!" -MAJK88

"I had the opportunity to manage Melissa for several years when she worked as a Mortgage Banker during the real estate boom in mid 2000 AZ. Melissa had an incredible drive to succeed; where others saw obstacles she only saw opportunities. Her "positive mental expectation" created huge results for herself, referral partners and clients. She is a one of a kind and sees no barriers to what is possible." -Matthew T. McKean

"I've been part of your trading room for close to a year and also have tried out other rooms every now and then *** sorry ***. Let me tell you that the other rooms were a waste of time. I am not trying to put the other rooms down. They do what they claim and do make money (sometimes), but the difference is that you make as much or more without trading the whole day! I love your method and approach to the market and trading. For me, trading is not about the money, but the lifestyle. If a trader spends all day trading, but I make as much just trading an hour in the morning, guess who is not in front of his computer in the afternoon and enjoying life? Thanks for sharing your methodology and applying it everyday in your room. By the way, you control your trading room and apply your methodology every day. Other rooms are more of a social hang out rather than a group of like minded people listening to what an experienced trader has to share. I much prefer the focus and the energy that your room offers and the daily wisdom that you impart." Mike

"I have been a financial advisor for over 20 years and a trader of everything from stocks to futures to options for 6 years. I will tell you without question Melissa's short selling system is by far the most profitable, consistent and easy to follow system I have ever seen. The best part is that you can trade the 1st hour of the market and you are done! Melissa's passion and depth as a person makes it even that much more fun and personally rewarding." -David Reyes II, CEP, PFP Founder, Chief Financial Architect

"I just want to thank you for your awesome strategy and your support in helping me become a better trader. You help me to better measure risk to reward and getting the right entries into the good trades. I was in a nice short today and it was moving close to a point in my favor. Got a little greedy but covered when a bottoming tail was forming. Would have been down a point if I held on. Thank you!" -Frank

"Thank you again for the Wealth Manifestation Course. So many valuable concepts. My favorite: Life is a Gift!
Dreams? We are just finishing a custom house and move in a few weeks. It is thrilling. Change? Swing trades today trades! Create time for new ventures. I love your energy and sharing of what you have learned. We are lucky indeed you made this course! With all my thanks" -Erin

"Just wanted to thank Melissa for The Great Golden Gap Plays in the trade room, AMAZINGLY, the Internet connection at sea was very reliable and was able to make money while on a 12 Day Disney Cruise! The great thing about this unique high probability strategy is that the trades setup very quickly can make your money then go enjoy your day. Truly Time Freedom at last.... I highly recommend the trade room, Melissa has a great system and has a great instinct for accurately predicting directional short plays. I was truly amazed and ecstatic to make money while on vacation and not interrupt my fun activities. Go to love it when you can truly trade from anywhere in the world. Just need to be at a terminal near US Stock market open. Big Thank You from Me and Mickey Mouse! Hilarious but True.  Thank You Melissa" -Dave 

"I have been trading really well, and I am very consistent. I have implemented your trading strategy and it has worked very well for me. I have developed my own entry and exit strategy that has worked very well for me as well. Every morning I start at 6:30 a.m. scanning the market and developing my picks for that day. I score them using your method, and I have found that with very little exception my scoring and yours are virtually identical. (you are a good teacher) I have been trading only logging into the forum occasionally lately, and have been very successful. My gains vary from $0.45 per day (on a thin trader) to $2.00 a day (when the meaty stock presents itself) I will still be taking the trend course, I have just been busy at work. I trade almost every morning until 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. then go off to work. I am lucky that I have one of those flexible positions. I am hoping in the not too distant future I can find the time during two weekdays to take it. Please let me know if it is every offered on a weekend. You have totally changed the way I look at the market, and the way I analyze, formulate and execute my trades. I actually think I may be able to this as my primary job one day! Something I never thought! Thank you so much, Melissa" -Steve

"I love Professional Golden Gap Strategy. Hi, my name is Margaret, and I love trading Melissa's bearish gap strategy. When I was saving my money every month for trading, I was going from webinar to webinar to find some good strategies, systems, or software to trade the market. There are "millions" of things out there in the trading world, good or bad, and expensive, especially the software. I would follow Melissa's free webinars since December 2012 (her class was much cheaper then), and I knew by then, she has something good and special. Finally, I made a decision a month ago to take her class before her price for the class would go up in the summer. This was a very good decision because now I'm making money. I have a very, very small account with a retailer brokerage, and I'm able to take only 3 trades in 5 business days, and I am up $1000.00 in the month of May. I would recommend her strategy to anybody who wants to make money.
Thank you, Melissa, for a wonderful Golden Gap Strategy!!!

"Hi: My name is Surfdog, and I was in trading class with a clown and lost over 100,000.00 along with a couple of other people, no one ever made any money in the class. I have sense done Melissa’s class about 9 weeks ago and made over a 1,000.00 on 4 different trades. Twice on staples, once on CREE, once on BMY!!!!!!!!. Today I made 1,285.70 5/20/2014 on staples on her call yesterday she said it was going to gap down today, so I put options yesterday at the close. Today I sold shares, in the first 5 min then I sold my puts for a nice profit, then bought back my shares @ 9:14 for a nice profit, together made 1,285.70. Yahoo I love her she is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have also been making a profit every week, many of trades profits between 200.00 to 500.00 a day which is based on account size, and I have a small account. She’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! She has taught me so much about being a good trader, with all her skills. THANK SO MUCH MELISSA" -SURFDOG

I'm out of SPLS for the day. I'm up $300...good enough. My '
post Chernobyl' account size is around $1,200 this week (no biggie, I'm adding more this week)....but as I step away from my platform it really sinks in -- I just made $300 on a $1,200 account (and no bullets sweated). Do people realize how powerful that is???? 25% return with (what I consider) very low risk. Heck yeah, you should increase the cost of your course! :-)" -George

"I never knew what my trading skills were missing until I took Melissa's course. I was lacking conviction. After Melissa's
gapclass I got up the next day and traded with conviction. Taking her class gave me the conviction I needed to make money in the market. I made $2700 the Monday after the weekend class! I made the money back from the course in one trade and I would never have been able to do that without her." -Jorge Quintero, MCP, MCAP. Microsoft Certified Financial Consultant

"Once again, you rock! I made up for the costs of joining your service and chatroom (approx. $4,300 total) within the first few days of joining your service with aggressive short plays on stocks you had picked; using my own trading style. Today I made $3,000 on KKD and $1,000 on EZPW. These were both stocks I would not have played had you not liked both of them early in premarket as shorts. Thank you so much! If only I hadn't got burned on my VJET short today! Please keep up the great work, and thanks again!" -Ken Z.

"I am grateful for meeting you this year. Thank you for your energy, your enthusiasm, your encouragement, your great trading plan, and your perseverance, ITS CONTAGIOUS! I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with your family. The great thing about you and me is our refusal to accept things the way they are....by constantly trying to better ourselves (never quitting even when others question why we are still pushing forward) by mind, body, and spirit which will definitely lead to prosperity of mind, body, and soul. No matter what happens, brush ourselves off, get up and keep fighting for what we want out of life. Some people will not understand this push for better, but I think it is a gift from God as long as it is in balance with the rest of our life. Our job is to keep it in balance. Right? Must be disciplined, enjoy the small things, but always be pushing for goals. Anyways, I could go on and on as I sit here thinking, but I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and let you know that I am grateful to have met you this year." -Dave McCoy

"Love the variety of way you present the course. Love the fun you are having! I don't know of any trading room/trainers/coaches that seem to have as much fun as you do. Finally, I don't want to sound too piggish (I learned this from you and love the term). I give myself 2013/2014 to jump in the water and get wet, but I want 2015 to be a ridiculous year!!! six-figure is great, but 100K is different from 250K is different from 500K. You have given me a method/plan that I love. I never believed in chasing money and always believed that money will come to me based on my skills/discipline/hard work. I know that I've come to a point, where I need to start and take the time to apply what you have taught. Is there anything that I should plan over the next year so that I can make 2015 a memorable one?" -Michael Kim

"I wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the class. Your passion for gaps and keen insight into trading in general really made this one of the best classes on trading ever. Unfortunately, I was riddled with connection problems with hotcomm and had a lot of audio cuts out, but even with those problems, I was able to clearly understand the strategy and the psychology of gaps. I'm looking forward to retaking this class again to cement in all this information. I now have the conviction that I'm finally going to be a consistent winning trader. Thanks again!" -Sean Hofmans

"I would like to pass along a quick note of gratitude. Your approach to education is remarkably effective, given the limitations of the medium. Your Gap class is proving to be very helpful to me, and my conviction regarding stock selection has certainly improved. From your Wealth Manifestation class, it appears to me that you and I have learned similar lessons on different paths. Strangely, however, both of our paths have gone through Gettysburg College (big universe...small world). Congratulations on your success!" -G

"Thanks for a wonderful course over the weekend. You are obviously a very smart, intelligent and motivated lady (and by the look of your first slide on Saturday a very beautiful lady as well) and I admire the manner in which you have inspired for sure so many students. You explained very precisely how to trade the variety of strategies with a tangible trading plan which no one else has ever done and there is a sudden inspiration developing in me to carry it forward. Of course, I will need to attend the course a second time round as there was so much to sink in. It was difficult to make notes and listen to you at the same time. I have also come up with some ideas on how to combine your teachings to my normal mode of trading currencies and indices. I now look forward to hearing you speak later today. Sorry I haven't got back you to earlier but my youngest grandson has not be been well since Monday and I have hardly had the time to reply to any emails." -Mash

"Melissa offers you her Gap strategy as well as a few extras on her course. I was away from it for a while, so I found there was a lot of detailed info in the course. I plan on doing a retake in the future, just to pick up some points I missed A great refresher for anyone as well. Melissa has developed the strategy and has really found her niche. There is no smoke. She trades what she talks and teaches. There is a boatload of info and classes out there. And the prices are all over the map. Compared to what I dropped doing the Velez schooling its good value for the money. And she is approachable. No Trader arrogance which is refreshing." -Travis

"It is an excellent presentation. I really learn a lot. Also, I have read lots of tech analysis books. I did know all kinds of indicators theory. It didn't help at all as you mentioned, instead, I am totally confused and lost. After taking your class, now I awake and realize how to build a completely perfect strategy. It is very nice of you are willing to share and teach us. In the future can you open a class of reading charts. I like you to be my mentor. So, I definitely will participate the trading room." -Rosemary Cherng

"I am needing to consolidate accounts. I have to leave for Europe soon and will be there for 3 weeks. Not sure yet if I will continue trying to day trade as lately, I have only been able to trade every other day at best. You are a remarkable talent and I want to be associated with you in some fashion regardless. I am really looking forward to your trends class as I believe that will help me make money. Of course, your wealth manifestation class looks great too. Most likely will subscribe to your swing letter at some point." -Keith Ochs

"I have taken the Golden Gap class twice and Melissa does provide a lot of information. She has analyzed a niche in the bear gaps which make a lot of money in a very short period of time. I have had a chance to use her system and have only a few trades but were profitable in all but one trade. I highly recommend the course as you will see how much information she provides you. Additionally, I was in her trading room a few days in which I participated in the trades she was doing and made money. One of the things I like about Melissa is that she will sometimes "Sit on her hands" meaning that she will not take a trade just to trade ... She wants to see that it sets up correctly so she and the other traders can make money." -John